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Letitia is known across the country as a dynamic and highly motivating speaker. Letitia is able to address audiences both small and large from corporate gatherings, to more intimate personal development groups. Known predominately as a self-empowerment specialist, Letitia is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, No Reserve, which outlines her methodology of living a life without limitations. Letitia is also known as an expert in nonprofit fundraising, entrepreneurship, and success beyond financial gain.

What Sets Letitia Apart:

Letitia is known for treating each speaking engagement just as she is known for her auction performances, as if she were an actor immersing herself within a role. Letitia spends countless hours understanding the organization she is representing, as well as studying the demographics, wants and needs of the audiences she is addressing. Letitia can be a bit of a chameleon in creating the best delivery and approach to each speaking engagement, ensuring that all audiences, no matter how diverse, leave with the same sense of understanding, fulfillment and plan of action to achieve their goals.


No Reserve

Take ownership and live your life without limitations


Letitia Frye gives in full detail the 10-point methodology outlined in her book, No Reserve, which will allow her audience to achieve the life of their dreams.

  • What is a reserve and recognizing the reserves you have placed on your life
  • Identify the difference between issues and problems
  • Steps you can take to overcome personal adversity and transform it into opportunity
  • Understand the importance of mentorship and how to become own best mentor
  • Recognize your worth outside of finance, and how giving is the ultimate path to receiving

Work/Life Balance

Learn the casualties of blurring the line between you and your company


Through personal experience as a budding entrepreneur met with unspeakable personal tragedies while building her company, Letitia outlines the perils of blurring the lines between you and your work.

  • Hear a personal account on the damage (both fiscal and emotional) that occurs in business and life when a career goal overshadows health and well-being
  • Learn the art of work/life balance
  • Know how to successfully separate you from your company while still achieving success
  • Recognize the Peter Parker syndrome

Selling Ice to Eskimos

Learn how to sell and fundraise from America’s most sought after “Auctiontainer”


Letitia dispels the myths of fundraising and reveals the secrets as to how she has successfully raised over $500 million for charities worldwide.

  • Understand the payoff of volunteering before selling
  • Hear client accounts of overcoming extreme odds and achieving better financial success than any previous year
  • Practice the art of auctioneering
  • Recognize the difference between auctioneer and auctiontainer and how you can apply this to your own form of selling
  • Learn industry secrets and how they can be used outside of the charity world

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