Letitia: America’s Foremost “Auctiontainer”

Currently celebrating over 13 years in the auction business, and having raised over $400 million dollars for charity, Letitia Frye has truly earned her title as America’s foremost “Auctiontainer.” She is a beautiful, elegant, multi-talented, bilingual (English/Spanish) woman who is a big success in a field generally occupied by men. She has an innovative flair, and treats each event as a “special” performance. Today, she is found on stage with some of the most recognizable celebrities in the world including: Actor Johnny Depp, musician Alice Cooper, rocker legend Robby Krieger of The Doors, and many more.

The scope of Letitia Frye’s fundraising at thousands of events nationwide includes: a diverse range of small, local first year events to concerts, golf tournaments, galas and the annual Superbowl “Legends for Charity” dinner. She has raised substantial funds for many charities including: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, JDRF, American Cancer Society, and Best Buddies to name just a few.

She is able to effortlessly combine her expertise in entertainment, fashion, fundraising and her humanitarian efforts to help so many in need, and make a difference in peoples’ lives. In addition, Ms. Frye is a motivational speaker and aspiring author . She believes that passion is the secret to success in work and life.

Ms. Frye’s passion is two-fold: entertaining audiences through fund-raising and auctioning items and infusing a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to help others. Her dedication to each of her clients and their missions stems from a commitment to charity and volunteering in the community. Success is achieved only through much time and effort.

Ms. Frye believes that a great auctioneer and a great actor have similar traits when it comes to performing: both study their scripts, research their audience, atmosphere, message and are experts when it comes to working with “live” crowds. She states that “ I treat each of my events as a performance. Some require a demure, elegant approach; others are sassy, comedic or commanding. It’s essential to have great material and dialogue to keep an audience entertained, on topic and focused when it’s time to raise money for a great cause.

Ms. Frye’s strives at making a difference in the world by positively impacting people and society through entertainment, fund raising, education and awareness. The time spent working with people she is assisting is an invaluable life experience.

Letitia Frye has spent many years working with orphans in Haiti, Doctors in Hospice, spending time with hospital researchers, rescuing abused and abandoned animals. She believes the only way to understand the mission of a charity or non-profit is to personally provide time and effort to help those in need.

Letitia’s commanding stage presence comes from her background as a theater major at USC and as a former professional model. Letitia graced the cover of many magazines, ads and appeared in TV commericals. Today, she continues to bring her unique, elegant fashion style to every event. She loves wearing her exquisite designer shoes when she is on stage and gracefully moving from table to table in the room. Those shoes have become her “trademark.”

Ms. Frye moved from the world of fashion into television when she worked as a local morning news personality in a “live” studio environment. In addition, she hosted several TV programs and was a principal in the reality series, “Auctioneer$” on Planet Green.

In 2003, Ms. Frye helped a friend at a charity event when the auctioneer was in an accident earlier that day. That night, an “auctiontainer” was born. Letitia Frye found her passion and her calling. She attended school in Billings, Montana: received her formal auction training at The Western College of Auctioneering and at the National Auctioneers Association’s prestigious Certified Auctioneer Institute held at Indiana University, and Letitia received her Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) designation from the NAA as well.

A life altering accident in 2014 left Letitia with a Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Concussive Syndrome and PTSD. She fought tooth and nail to recover and not only survive through her long battle with her health, but to thrive successfully. In addition to her wildly successful auction career, Letitia now speaks to audiences around the country about success in the face of adversity and learning to use your greatest challenges as a springboard to your greatest success.

Letitia feels blessed to be living a life of her dreams, a life spent in the service of others and benefitting those that may otherwise go without. She currently resides in Arizona with her son and daughter, the two greatest joys in her life.