Letitia Frye encompasses passion in every aspect of her work. Whether motivationally speaking, entertaining guests with her signature “auctiontainment” at charity galas, or volunteering with the very groups she is working to raise money for, Letitia believes that the secret to her success is passion for what she is doing at all times. Her goal is to infuse audiences and non profits alike with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to help others.

Letitia. the author

Having worked her way to the top of a male-dominated industry, left a turbulent marriage to build a high-profile career as a single mom, suffered the devastating losses of her ex-husband and her plus-one child, and survived a traumatic brain injury, Letitia has bounced back from tragedy and beaten the odds multiple times and emerged stronger, more confident, more successful and shares her stories to all through writing. In her latest book, No Reserve, Letitia shares key strategies that will help readers stop limiting themselves in all their endeavors — their career, their relationships, and their personal growth.

Letitia. the speaker

A life long commitment to helping others along with two unspeakable tragedies, gave way to Letitia’s unique and engaging career as a motivational speaker. On Thanksgiving morning in 2014, Letitia, an avid runner all of her life, was struck by a car while out on a jog. Letitia had her head split open and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and severe Concussion which lead way to Post Concussive Syndrome and PTSD. Although Letitia began the transition to motivational speaking after her accident, it was the sudden and tragic death of the father of her children on July 22, 2015 that truly led Letitia to her calling as an inspirational speaker. Letitia developed a 7 practice methodology, which is featured in her upcoming book, teaching others on how to succeed despite any obstacle they may face. Letitia shares her story with truth, humor and a concrete plan for finding success in your life. Letitia considers herself to be living proof of your own future success.

Letitia. the auctiontainer™

Known as The Auctionatainer™, Letitia Frye is celebrating eleven years plus and over $200 million dollars raised in the fundraising industry. Her unique style, passion and uncanny ability to memorize content give way to engaging performance at each event. Letitia performs on stages all across America and completed 107 benefit auctions last year alone. Letitia’s commitment to the organizations and individuals they serve set her apart from the rest, and ultimately she becomes an advocate and a voice, rather than just a fundraiser. That fact, along with continuously increasing her client’s revenue, is what keeps her clients coming back again and again

Letitia. the clients

To be honest, Letitia can some times find herself in a little shock over the opportunities she has been blessed with when it comes to her clients. A wide range of accomplished entertainers, sports legends, life altering researchers, educators, health institutions and causes for a greater society all create the diverse landscape of Letitia’s Clientele. While many of her clients are household names, Letitia prides herself on taking on causes, start ups, and charitable organizations that she can emerge herself in as a volunteer to learn as much as possible about the people she is hired to raise funds for at her events. Letitia prefers to volunteer or trail each organization for a day, even if it means traveling as far as Haiti to help orphaned children.