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Letitia Frye

Known as America’s foremost “Auctiontainer”, Letitia Frye is celebrating 19 years and over $500 million dollars raised in the fundraising industry. Her unique style, passion and uncanny ability to memorize content give way to engaging performance at each event. Letitia performs on stages all across America, and during the pandemic, pivoted to over 65 virtual fundraisers throughout the world raising over $15 million dollars during a very uncertain economy.

The One and Only


Letitia travels the country, speaking on business, leadership, and living life to the fullest in the face of adversity. Letitia is thrilled to be a part of her client’s events and be able to spend her career helping others.


Letitia: The Everything

In Addition to charity auctions, Letitia is now a professional speaker and published author of the critically acclaimed book, No Reserve.


Letitia’s unique style, passion and uncanny ability to memorize content give way to engaging performance at each event.


A life long commitment to helping others along with two unspeakable tragedies, gave way to Letitia’s unique and engaging career as a motivational speaker.


Letita’s latest book covers her amazing story and shares her key strategies to help people stop limiting themselves.


Letitia is an experienced model and has successfully represented brands across the country.


Letitia is the most sought-after mentor in the Auction industry having helped launch the careers over over 50 people.



In her illustrious career, Letitia Frye has left her mark on the Auction and Fundraising industries, changing the way organizations fundraise, entertain and connect with their donors.


Letitia has raised over $500 Million for various charities throughout her career as an Auctiontainer.


Years Letitia has been honing her craft as America’s original Auctiontainer


Letitia has performed at over 2,ooo events worldwide in her successful 19 year career


Letitia has successfully mentored 52 auctioneers over her 19 year career


Letitia is the only auctioneer to have worked with 2 different US Presidents

Happy Clients

Working With the Best

Letitia has been innovation and influencing best practices in fundraising in galas and golf with some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

What They’re Saying

Alice Cooper

“Letitia is glamorous and charismatic. She can read a room of bidders and no one can say no to her. Beneath her glamorous exterior beats a compassionate and generous heart. We couldn’t imagine doing an auction for our golf tournament or annual Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding charity concert without her at the helm. She is family and she is loved.”

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